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​​       2020

  • Creation of the Opera Le Messie du Peuple chauve
    Libretto by Eric Breton, after the novel by Augustin Billetdoux (Opera of Avignon)


  • Cycle of melodies on poems by Jean-François Cesarini (recording scheduled for the first quarter of 2019)

  • Mes années de pèlerinage
    For solo piano, creation scheduled for January 2019


  • Farces et attrapes
    For trumpet, trombone, vibraphone and marimba (creation on November 6th in Avignon by the quartet of Alain Longearet / ORAP)


  • Concerto pour Saqueboute
    Baritone and soprano violin (creation on June 30th in Avignon)


  • Les petits adieux
    Music for the theater play by Gérard Vantaggioli (creation in July, at the Théâtre du Chien qui fume theater in Avignon)


  • Les Fables de La Fontaine
    For the Domaine du Possible children’s choir and the ORAP mixed quintet (creation in May in Avignon and Arles)


  • Lejla
    Symphonic overture. Presidential palace of Ankara, Turkey, in attendance of President Erdogan (October)


  • Jungfrau Sérénade
    For string ensemble. At the Yehudi Menuhin Forum in Bern, Switzerland (July)


  • Le baryton volage
    For baritone solo violin. Saint Sophie Cathedral, Kiev, Ukraine (June)

  • Koweit Concerto
    Piano concerto. Kuweit National Opera (February)


  • Joie de notre cœur 
    Cantata for mixed choir and orchestra. December 4th, Saint Pierre Church in Avignon


  • Les ailes du désir
    Music for the theater play by Gérard Vantaggioli


  • Suze
    Clarinet and piano duet. Creation in London on July 8th

  • Divertimento
    Sonata for baritone violin and piano (CD BWM)

  • Concerto pour piano et Ensemble de Trompes
    Creation in Annecy on May, 26th


  • San Majke Srebrencanke
    Soprano, clarinet and piano trio. Creation in London, on July 11th


  • Moi, Dian Fossey 
    Music for the theater play at the Chien qui fume theater, in Avignon

  • Et mon mal est délicieux
    Music for the theater play at the Chien qui fume theater, in Avignon


  • Voyages
    Ballet music for Ramon Reis, in Monte Carlo


  • Thema 3
    Violin, cello and piano trio


  • Messe de Sainte Lucie
    Ordered by the city of Apt, France, creation on July 28th at the Cathedral of Apt


  • Les Mystères de Paris
    Stage music, Cannes, France

  • Ana Non
    Stage music for the Chien qui fume theater (Gérard Vantaggioli)


  • A Montmartre cette année-là
    Musical (libretto by François Brett)


Marivaux bis repetita
    Stage music for the Chêne Noir theater


  • Les combattants de l’Ombre
    Television series for the Arte TV channel

  • Alexandre le Macédonien
    Television series for the Arte TV channel


Bratec Zak
    For an 8 voice feminine choir (1st place with the ISKRE Choir at the International Choir Festival of Bijeljina on May 14th 2011)


  • What Now
    Symphonic overture for the Zima Festival of Sarajevo


  • Hypnose
    Ballet music for chorus and piano (Monte-Carlo)


Le Conte de la Terre et de l'Amour
    Symphonic ballet


    Clarinet and Harmony orchestra concerto


  • Le calice persan
    On poems by Omar Kayam

Nathan Le Sage
    Cantata for choir after G.E Lessing

  • Les chants d'amour de Mireio
    Musical, in collaboration with Guy Bonnet, after Frédéric Mistral

    2008 :

  • Le Contoir des écrits vins
    Comic opera (libretto and direction by Jean-Denis Vivien) at the Avignon Theater Festival

  • July 1st 2008 : Creation of the symphonic concert version of opera “Lyssi” in Sarajevo, under the aegis of the French Embassy

  • Cycle of melodies on Spanish contemporary poems « A la espera de...»


  • Cosi fan Tutti
    Comic opera (staging by Jean-Denis Vivien)

  • Ramazanska Noc
    Symphonic overture


  • Adaptation and direction of Ravel’s « Bolero » in Mayotte featuring Maori drums


  • Le Devin Mozart
    Comic opera (libretto and staging by Jean-Denis Vivien) at the Avignon Theater Festival


  • La Chanson de Don Quichotte
    Comic opera (libretto and staging by Jean-Denis Vivien) at the Avignon Theater Festival


  • Regards sur Pétrarque
    (libretto and staging by Jean-Denis Vivien) at the Avignon Theater Festival


  • La présence pure
    Oratorio for chorus, soprano, narrator, pianos and drums. Participation in prayer


  • Vaccaï 2000
    Under the aegis of the Paris CNSM


  • Le Basson de Notre-Dame
    Musical at the Odeon theater in Marseille, France


Aimer c'est agir
    Musical show on Victor Hugo with Serge Barbuscia (tour in France and Africa)


Mediterranean Overture
    In Sarajevo, with the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra


  • Houba hop
    For orchestra, ethnic drums and chorus, in Mayotte


  • Lettres d'une religieuse portugaise
    For 9 women voices a capella

  • Pentatalk, Toccatrois et Ah, Non!
    For 3 pianos and 2 drums


  • Contribution to the Vaccaï 2000 collection, published under the aegis of the Paris CNSM and destined for Opera students 


  • L'Ivresse de Dionysos Symphonic ballet
    For « Avignon European City of Culture in the Year 2000 » (staging by Jean-Denis Vivien, choreography by Eric Vu-An)

  • Messe d'Avignon
    For chorus, Soprano solo, organ and drums


Une petite robe de fête
    On texts by Christian Bobin


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