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Digipack Mes années de Pèlerinage BAT.
Digipack Mes années de Pèlerinage BAT
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In these months of March and April, I took advantage of the time that was largely given to me by our dear COVID 19 to finally carry out a project that was close to my heart.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.
I therefore wish to share it with you as a priority with an extract that you will find below.

Along with the composition of my opera "The Bald People's Messiah", I composed my first grand piano cycle "My Years of Pilgrimage".

The idea came to me while admiring this magnificent painting by Pascal Bouterin, which you can see on the front of the cover. The analogy with the figures of Dante and Virgil visiting Hell and Purgatory was obvious to me, especially since I regularly frequented the lines of the Divine Comedy at that time. You will certainly have noticed that several sentences of the booklet of the “Messiah of the bald people” flow from it more or less directly. From Dante to Franz Liszt, the path was clear, because you all know the deep devotion that the second had for the first.

Clearly, I have come to compose my own "Years of Pilgrimage", and hence follow in the footsteps of the Master.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

It is therefore this cycle that I am offering you in this double CD. Why double?

Well, quite simply because the time I had allowed me to add a series of works that I practice occasionally. These works also retrace my “Years of pilgrimage”, like an itinerary whose starting point is in the happy period of adolescence: Beethoven's Sonata n ° 8, for example, allowed me to integrate the higher piano course at the Avignon Conservatory ...

You wish to order this double CD (10 €),

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